Session Presenters

Mark Fischer


PNC Bank

Edward Francis

Chair & CEO


Alex O’Brien

President & CEO

BOC Bank

Garrett Smith

CEO & Founder

Community Capital Technology Inc.

Breakout 2: Think Like an Investment Manager Instead of a Lender: Optimizing Your Loan Portfolio for Long-term Performance

Constructing a loan portfolio that performs through business cycles requires that lenders think and act more like investment managers.  All lenders are at risk of strategic missteps which are often driven by over-expansion (in at least one of three key areas: geography, industry, and/or product) and can be magnified by a misperception of overall risk vs. return.  By maintaining a clear view on industry trends and risk-adjusted yield, in conjunction with the discipline to act quickly and decisively to sell out of non-strategic loan positions, lenders can be better positioned to re-cycle capital in support of growth strategies and create more consistently positive long-term economic benefit.  Join this panel of bank leaders as they discuss their institutions’ current perspectives and strategies for positioning and optimizing their loan portfolios heading into 2024 and beyond.

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