Targeting the Board

Since the passage of Sarbanes-Oxley, most directors—especially those serving on the audit committee—feel as if they are walking around with a target on their backs. But banks have been regulated for years, right? We offer an in-depth report on the new realities facing directors of both public and privately held financial institutions in the wake of corporate governance reform.


View From The Front Row

For more than a decade, Rodgin Cohen has held a front-row seat for just about every important event that has happened in the banking industry.

Article ON – 06/03/2011
Standing Out In a Crowd

Niche banking has proved to be a success for banks that were gutsy enough to break new ground and patient enough to reap the rewards.

Article ON – 06/03/2011
10 Steps to Selecting a New CEO

The path that leads the board through the executive succession process will be much less challenging if the process is clearly mapped ahead of time.

Article ON – 06/03/2011
2003 Bank Director Annual Compensation Review

Sometimes it’s tough to set your price fairly. The reality is that compensation is rarely an even trade for the time spent on the job and the liability incurred. To help with this challenge, Bank Director offers its annual survey results to provide your compensation committee with some benchmarks.

Article ON – 06/03/2011

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