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Article | May 25th, 2022

How to Attract Consumers in the Face of a Recession

Here are three questions bank leaders need to ask their marketing teams to retain and build customer confidence ahead of a potential recession.

By: Nicky Senyard
Article | May 4th, 2022

Recapturing the Data That Creates Valuable Customer Interactions

Engaging customers through digital channels presents an exciting opportunity for banks.

By: Soren Bested
Article | April 27th, 2022

Strengthening Relationships With Credit Score Monitoring

Credit score monitoring can improve digital banking engagement and save your customers money.

By: JB Orecchia
Article | April 14th, 2022

Completing the Credit Score Picture

Banks have to address the shortcomings of traditional credit scoring and make sense of an increasingly complicated borrower picture.

By: Steve Bireley
Article | March 16th, 2022

Key Considerations for Measuring Customer Loyalty

Attracting and retaining customers ultimately fuels a bank’s success.

By: Jehan Sherjan
BD Article
Article | March 7th, 2022

Should Your Bank Hire an Influencer?

Influencer marketing can help banks reach their audience online.

By: Kiah Lau Haslett, managing editor for Bank Director
Article | February 8th, 2022

3 Ways Customer Data Benefits Financial Services

Banks must embrace digital transformation and set their strategy by analyzing and using the mass of data at their fingertips.

By: Charlotte Norman
Article | February 3rd, 2022

How to Deliver Standout Account Opening Experiences

An omnichannel approach to account opening will help you meet prospective customers where, when and how they want to be met.

By: Nathaniel Harley
Article | January 4th, 2022

Three Ways to Lower Customer Effort and Increase Loyalty

Banks can increase customer loyalty by focusing on reducing the effort needed to resolve issues and add products.

By: Slaven Bilac
Article | November 24th, 2021

How to Give Cardholders Digital Self-Service, Fraud-Fighting Capabilities

Providing consumers with tools that include digital wallets, mobile card controls, alerts and spend tracking capabilities can provide sought-after services and reduce bank risk.

By: Mandar Mangalvedhekar