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Article | May 7th, 2021

Getting Faster, Simpler, Cheaper and More Secure

A 2021 Best of FinXTech Award winner significantly cut workloads for compliance staff.

By: Naomi Snyder, editor-in-chief at Bank Director
Article | May 4th, 2021

Four Things to Do if Your Bank Is Eyeing Digital Assets

It’s crucial that executive teams at traditional banks understand how best to prepare for the future of banking.

By: Jamison Sites, Frank O'Connor
Article | March 11th, 2021

Solve the Right Problem: The Path to Remediation Success

While there are no shortcuts, there are a few key steps banks can take when remediating a compliance issue the first time.

By: Veronica Baker-Adams
Article | March 2nd, 2021

How the Edges of Financial Technology Could Change Regulation

The incoming leaders of federal regulatory agencies will face pressures to overhaul compliance.

By: Joe Robinson
Article | December 4th, 2020

The High Cost of the Suspicious Activity Report

When the devil is in the details, automation technology can fight crime while saving compliance budgets.

By: Joe Robinson
BD Article
Article | October 19th, 2020

When All The Examiners Left

A recent paper from Federal Reserve economists shines a light on the role that bank supervision plays in regulation and enforcement in the wake of a mass examiner exodus.

By: Kiah Lau Haslett, managing editor for Bank Director
Article | October 8th, 2020

FinCEN Files Underline BSA/AML System Mess

The FinCEN Files reveal that the innate flaws of the existing anti-money laundering regulations create piles of unread reports that are rarely effective.

By: Rob Blackwell
BD Article
Article | October 2nd, 2020

FinCEN Files: What Community Banks Should Know

Bank Director spoke with two attorneys to learn what community banks should take away from the FinCEN Files revelations.

By: Kiah Lau Haslett, managing editor for Bank Director
Article | August 5th, 2020

The Opportunistic Upside of New Capital Rules

All banks must comply with Basel IV’s capital guidelines, but forward-thinking ones will leverage its concepts for strategic planning, business intelligence and other commercial objectives.

By: Jeroen Van Doorsselaere
Article | July 10th, 2020

How Innovative Banks Manage Cannabis-Related Businesses

Once an institution decides to bank cannabis-related businesses, the hard work begins — building a compliance program for a nascent, multi-billion dollar industry.

By: Amber Buker