Bank Services
Article | January 12th, 2023

When Directors Should Talk to Investors

Allowing directors to speak to investors comes with risk, and not just due to the potential legal missteps.

By: Ryan Derousseau
Podcast | January 12th, 2023

Disrupting the All-or-Nothing Mindset in Banking

In this episode of Reinventing Banking, a special podcast series brought to you by Bank Director and Microsoft Corp., we talk to Temenos' Robert Wint about the company's bite-sized banking strategy.

By: Laura Schield
Viewpoint | January 11th, 2023

Time to Automate All Bank Processes

Leveraging machine learning and automation to power digital transformation can address the concerns that keep bank directors up at night.

By: Tyler Barron
Viewpoint | January 11th, 2023

Steps for Managing and Leveraging Data

Building your data strategy, prioritizing ROI efforts and enabling self-service reporting are key steps in managing and leveraging your institution's data.

By: Troy Hollings, Travis Whiting
Viewpoint | January 11th, 2023

How Tech Hinders the Ability to Hire

Institutions that embrace technology their employees want to use and allow for a culture of innovation and bottom-up input will lay the groundwork for higher employee satisfaction in the future.

By: Slaven Bilac
Viewpoint | January 11th, 2023

Redefining Primary Relationships

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, smart bankers realize a data-based definition of primacy in their retail checking base is necessary to make timely decisions.

By: Mike Branton, Dave DeFazio
Viewpoint | January 11th, 2023

Focusing on 4 Key Trends for 2023

Here are four key trends impacting the financial services industry that boards and executives need to focus on to survive and thrive amid economic uncertainty.

By: Kirk Coleman
Article | January 10th, 2023

Issues in Selling to a Non-Traditional Buyer

While a transaction with a non-traditional buyer may be more challenging for a selling community bank, it can present an appealing, lucrative alternative.

By: Joseph Ceithaml, Nick Brenckman
Podcast | January 9th, 2023

The Origin Story of an Unlikely Banker

David Findlay shares what he learned from struggles early in his career.

By: Emily McCormick, vice president of editorial & research for Bank Director
Article | January 6th, 2023

Commit to Process and Framework in the New Year

Over the long run, the best-performing community banks anchor their balance sheet management in a set of principles — not in divining the future.

By: Eric C. Brown, Matthew Forgotson