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Article | June 25th, 2021

Tailor Innovation With Fintech, Bank Collaborations

Community banks can create practical, powerful digital tools that benefit their one-of-a-kind customer base through fintech collaborations.

By: Nathan Baumeister
Article | June 18th, 2021

Small Business Checking, Repositioned

In part two of our look at small business checking, we explore the three crucial components business owners need in their accounts that many current offerings lack.

By: Gabe Trevino
Article | June 4th, 2021

The Community Bank Advantage to Helping Small Businesses Recover

Business owners are searching for trusted financial partners that use technology to make things easy and convenient, but are available to talk in their moments of need.

By: Pat True
Article | May 25th, 2021

Reimagining Small Business Checking

Banks looking to prioritize their small business customers should start with a simple question: What do they need from their bank to make meaningful progress in their business?

By: Gabe Trevino
Article | May 24th, 2021

2020’s Growth All-Stars

A record year for mortgages fueled the fastest-growing banks — but one surprising business line is expanding its value for two institutions.

By: Emily McCormick, vice president of research for Bank Director
Article | May 7th, 2021

Marketing Campaigns Go High Tech

A 2021 Best of FinXTech Awards winner helped a community bank punch far above its weight.

By: Naomi Snyder, editor-in-chief at Bank Director
Article | May 4th, 2021

Four Things to Do if Your Bank Is Eyeing Digital Assets

It’s crucial that executive teams at traditional banks understand how best to prepare for the future of banking.

By: Jamison Sites, Frank O'Connor
Article | April 14th, 2021

Regaining Control of Small Business Relationships

Few banks offer appropriate products for small businesses, and they could be losing market share as a result. But solutions exist, according to a new study sponsored by Autobooks.

By: Bank Director Staff Writer
Article | March 5th, 2021

Banking KPI Insights: Year-End Metrics of Note

A look at the performance of the community bank space at the end of 2020 can help institutions prepare for the year ahead.

By: Tim Kosiek, Kevin Schalk
Article | January 18th, 2021

How Credit Unions Pursue Growth

In the world of credit unions, fast growth can lead to high earnings.

By: Naomi Snyder, editor-in-chief at Bank Director