The Robots Invade

June 9th, 2017

The request from a customer, “I want to meet with a banker,” seems easy enough to understand and schedule. But it’s a demand that comes with thousands of different variables for Hari Gopalkrishnan, managing director of client-facing platforms at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who develops tools for consumers and wealth management customers. Where do you want to meet, for example? Or what type of banker do you want to meet with? Is it for business or personal reasons? Is it for a loan? What type of loan?

While these wrinkles are hashed out quickly in conversation, Gopalkrishnan doesn’t have that luxury. Instead, he and his team are developing Erica, Bank of America’s first customer-facing chatbot...To read this article in its entirety and get the full interactive experience of the digital magazine, download the app today!

Ryan Derousseau is a writer and contributor to Bank Director.