The King + Queen in Today's Financial Environment

October 18th, 2010

kqcards.pngIf I've learned only one thing since re-joining Bank Director last month, its that capital is king, and liquidity, queen. Whether in Dallas, Chicago, New York or D.C., the messages I've heard from bankers, attorneys and CEOs are telling: if you're in a leadership position, these are some of the most challenging times the U.S. banking industry has ever faced.

What buoys my confidence?  A collective optimism that opportunities for growth and new client relationships do exist.

So rather than taking a stance on asset quality issues, the absence of earnings or speculate about when lending will start again, my plan is to post something interesting I've recently learned that relates to growth.  Every Monday, I’ll use this blog to share what I’ve learned in my travels, provide an opinion or two, and generally contribute to our regular dialog around driving bottom line performance and enhancing shareholder value.

Whereas our editor's writing will trend towards the director community -- and VP of Digital's will highlight our many great conferences -- I'm intentionally focusing my writing efforts around the interests of the key officers running financial institutions.  As we build upon Bank Director's 20 years of excellence in this industry, I expect this to be a fun journey and welcome ideas and suggestions for emerging areas of interest.


Al Dominick is CEO for Bank Director, an information resource for CEOs, executives and members of a bank's board. He writes about bank M&A, growth, fintech and key industry events. You can follow him on Twitter @aldominick, connect via LinkedIn and follow his About That Ratio blog.