Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference

Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference

Bank Audit &
Risk Committees Conference

June 11-12, 2019
Chicago, IL

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Conference Overview

Bank Director's annual Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference focuses on governance, risk, compliance and accounting issues challenging financial institutions today. Be it data security, emerging technology, fraud, crisis management or the effectiveness of internal controls, this year's event covers the key issues that all bank officers and directors must know.

Pre-Conference Opportunities | Monday, June 10:
Bank Audit & Risk Committees Boot Camp
There’s a great deal of change associated with regulatory oversight, what needs to be reported and tracked for regulators, what’s in that reporting and how that affects a bank and it’s growth plan. Designed for newer committee members, the Bank Audit & Risk Committees Boot Camp provides a crash course in equipping participants to perform as effective members of their board’s audit or risk committee.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning Workshop
With many individual directors and officers identifying cyber risk as a top issue, bank boards will benefit from spending time addressing potential scenarios and developing response plans should a hack, breach or attack occur. This workshop opens with a discussion of the fundamental elements of a response plan, who should be part of the incident response team, what needs to happen first, second, third, etc., and what the board’s role should be. Experts then guide participants through a series of realistic scenarios associated with a significant cyber event.

Bank Audit and Risk Peer Exchanges
Bank Director hosts its popular peer exchanges the day prior to our annual Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference. Small groups of experienced audit and risk committee members, as well as senior bank executives — along with outside advisors — meet in closed-door, off-the-record peer groups for candid discussions about various issues and challenges facing officers and directors today.