Banking has been and always will be a cyclical business. Banks have enjoyed a strong period of growth in the past seven years, primarily by generating strong loan volumes and gaining scale through M&A. But slowing loan growth, rising funding costs and a potential softening of the economy could mean the road won’t be as easy to navigate in the years ahead.

It’s during times like these in industry cycles that bank executives need to double-down their efforts on performance management improvement and cost containment to drive earnings growth.

To that end, Bank Director and Cornerstone Advisors have teamed up to bring you the Performance Benchmarking Symposium, an exclusive, invitation-only educational workshop for bank CEOs, CFOs and their senior management who are focused on developing a long-term framework to consistently measure their bank’s performance against key performance standards. During the Symposium, participants learn how to use a balanced set of department key performance indicators (KPIs) focused on both value and cost that support earnings growth in tougher times and free up resources for continued strategic investments that will transform your bank in the future.

Cornerstone has found that roughly $1 million of performance improvement opportunities can be identified per $1 billion in assets through an internal benchmarking discipline. Surprisingly, this disciplined approach is used by fewer than one in five mid-size and regional banks today.

Knowing how your bank performs and measures up against peers provides a critical advantage in a bank’s long-term success planning and arms you with valuable data that helps make measurable improvements across the bank.