JW Marriott Nashville
September 15, 2024

Workshop Overview

The Advanced Director Certification Workshop is a comprehensive training program for bank directors with five or more years of board and/or professional banking experience. During the workshop, participants receive a thorough grounding in corporate governance, the role of the board and the committee issues most pressing to banks today.

Workshop Sessions Include:

  • Governance Review
  • Performance & Value Management
  • Financial Strategy & Capital Allocation
  • Aligning Bank Board and Executive Leadership for the Future
  • Business Continuity Management & Incident Response Planning

After attending the Advanced Director Certification Workshop, participants continue their training at Bank Director’s Bank Board Training Forum the following day. Completing the Advanced Certification Workshop and designated Bank Board Training Forum sessions sends investors and state and federal regulators a clear message that each board member takes their fiduciary duties seriously and wants to excel on the bank’s board.

Participants looking to attend this workshop must first enroll in the Advanced Director Certification Program. Enroll today!

For more information about the Advanced Director Certification Workshop or the Director Certification Program, please contact our bank services department directly at [email protected] or 877-764-4681.