Contributor : Steve Kinner

Viewpoint | January 15th, 2020

Managing the Balance Sheet for 2020 and Beyond

Bankers are weathering a dramatically different interest rate environment and will need a new set of tools and strategies to craft versatile balance sheet solutions.

By: Steve Kinner, Matt Pieniazek
Article | January 16th, 2019

How Reciprocal Deposits Build Franchise Value

Banks have another important, and arguably better, deposit-gathering tool at their disposal—reciprocal deposits.

By: Steve Kinner
viewpoint | July 18th, 2018

A Powerful Weapon in the War for Deposits

It has become clear that the competition for deposits is reaching highly competitive levels, forcing banks of all sizes to consider new strategies.

By: Steve Kinner
Article | January 22nd, 2018

Does Your Bank Have a Deposit Strategy?

This rate environment is unlike anything bankers have seen in almost a decade. Here’s how a bank’s board can approach the topic.

By: Steve Kinner, Dave Koch, Scott Hildenbrand