Contributor : Jonathan Hightower

Article | June 5th, 2012

FDIC Lawsuits: Avoiding the Worst Outcome

While the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. lawsuits paint a picture of inattentive, runaway directors and officers, a number of the practices that the FDIC found objectionable could be found at many healthy institutions.

By: Jonathan Hightower
Article | May 2nd, 2012

Foreclosed Properties: What is a Board to Do?

If your bank decides to hold onto some properties, there are ways to mitigate risk.

By: Jonathan Hightower
Article | March 7th, 2012

Sharing Directors Brings Added Experience to Your Board, But Could Cause Problems

Before sharing directors with another bank, think about the potential liability, says Jonathan Hightower of Bryan Cave LLP.

By: Jonathan Hightower
Bank Services
Article | February 10th, 2012

A Director’s Guide to Corporate Governance 101

The day when the board’s focus was limited to approving loans and marketing the bank in the community is long past.  Today’s boards face a

By: Walter G. Moeling IV, Jonathan Hightower
Article | December 19th, 2011

Directors and the Exam Process: Get Involved Early

Recommendations for outside directors on how to ensure proactive and positive involvement during a regulatory examination.

By: Jonathan Hightower
Article | November 18th, 2011

Bank Buildings: When Directors Are the Landlords

Are any of your bank branches and offices owned by directors? That could spell trouble but it can be handled well. Here’s how.

By: Jonathan Hightower