Contributor : glyons

Article | July 22nd, 2016

How the New Regulatory Environment Could Change Bank Mergers and Acquisitions

The regulatory environment may impact contract provisions. Here's what to watch.

By: Gregory Lyons, Jeffrey J. Rosen, William Regner
Article | April 11th, 2016

Preparing for the New Reality of Bank Activism

It helps to plan for an activist attack before you get one.

By: Gregory Lyons, Paul Rodel, Eric Jeurgens, Ben Strumeier
Video | May 15th, 2015

How Size Matters: Regulatory Considerations for Growth

Gregory Lyons of Debevoise discusses the nuances of different asset thresholds and what banks must consider.

By: Gregory Lyons
Bank Services
DirectorCorps | May 15th, 2015

The Regulatory Tiers: Should You Grow Past $1 Billion, $5 Billion or Even $10 Billion in Assets?

This article describes what to consider when planning a growth strategy past the different tiers that trigger more regulation.

By: Gregory Lyons, Paul Rodel