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Since the financial crisis, compensation levels at banks have been falling and headcount has been reduced.  This has opened the door for smaller, less-regulated firms and sectors to lure some of the very best talent away from large banks.  But it’s not too late for financial organizations to shift towards a new cultural orientation that can drive real change.  Concurrently, there has never been a more important time for board members to keep in mind that their responsibilities can be boiled down into one simple goal: the creation of sustainable long-term value for shareholders.  As bank boards look for ways to strengthen their institutions, we took a look at various opportunities to strengthen themselves as a group.

For this year’s Bank Executive & Board Compensation Conference, we focused on the recruitment, development and compensation of a bank’s most essential talent – both within a bank and on its board.  By bringing together executives and board members from various parts of the financial community, this program delivered essential information and insight to:

  • Provide timely and relevant information to officers and directors from public and private institutions;
  • Prepare financial institutions from across the U.S. to grow and compete in the future; and
  • Introduce strategies and tactics a bank’s HR and executive team can immediately consider or implement.

Pre-Conference Highlight:
Bank Compensation & Governance Committees Peer Exchange
Per tradition, Bank Director offered a one-day peer exchange exclusively for a bank’s Compensation and Governance Committee Chairs as well as Human Resource Officers the day before the conference.  During these off-the-record conversations, participants were divided based on their bank’s asset size and title to share challenges and solutions with their peers.