Events : Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference

Bank Director’s annual Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference focused on governance, risk and compliance, and accounting issues challenging financial institutions today. Be it data security, emerging technology, fraud, crisis management and/or the effectiveness of internal controls, this year’s event covered the key issues that all bank officers and directors must know.

Pre-Conference Opportunities | Monday, june 12:
Bank Audit & Risk Peer Exchanges
Bank Director hosted its popular peer exchanges the day prior to the annual Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference.  By design, small groups of Audit and Risk Committee Members, General Counsel and CFOs – along with experienced outside advisors – met in closed-door, off-the-record peer groups for candid discussions about various issues and challenges facing officers and directors today. Peer groups were divided based on directors vs. officers, the committee the director serves, (risk vs. audit), asset size and type of institution, (public vs. private).

Bank Audit & Risk Committees Boot Camp
The Bank Audit & Risk Committees Boot Camp provided an up-to-the minute, hands-on, interactive overview for both newer Audit and Risk Committee members and chairs, as well as for those more seasoned members and chairs. The objectives of the boot camp were to demystify the roles of the audit and risk committees, to equip participants to perform effectively and sustainably as a committee member/chair, to provide confidence in the execution of committee duties and to provide attendees with context in order to maximize their overall conference experience.

Cybersecurity Workshop
While many individual directors and officers identify cyber risk as a top issue, few bank boards spend time addressing scenarios or developing plans should a hack, breach or attack occur. This workshop provided a series of simulations designed to walk board members and executives through real-life scenarios. Prior to, and following, each simulation, attendees received an executive-level presentation that lays out current best practices to help boards better understand, and prepare for, cybersecurity issues.  The Cybersecurity Workshop was limited to 60 bank participants. 

For more information and to register, please email [email protected] or call our events department at (877) 397-7595.