Events : Acquire or Be Acquired Conference

Conference Overview

Explore New Growth Strategies 
The financial industry continues to experience dramatic change, and succeeding in today’s business environment requires a much different approach than in previous years. Widely regarded as the premier bank M&A event for a bank’s CEO, board of directors and key leadership team, Bank Director’s 27th annual Acquire or Be Acquired Conference helps this influential audience focus on new strategies for all banks!

Focus On Key Issues
As in years past, Acquire or Be Acquired focuses on key board level issues, such as understanding short- and long-term risks, evaluating opportunities for transactions and reviewing compensation plans. In addition, session highlights include:

  • Strategic Merger Considerations,
  • Organic Growth Initiatives,
  • Leading Agile Organizations,
  • The Importance of Scale,
  • Buying Assets & Capabilities and
  • Navigating the Competitive Environment.

Dedicated FinXTech Sessions
In addition, this year’s agenda includes dedicated sessions for those executives responsible for digital strategies and technology partnerships. With many CEOs seeking out new growth models given the global pandemic, we dedicate sessions that board members and executives alike find valuable when it comes to data, technology integration, digital growth strategies, new core opportunities, advances in artificial intelligence and the user experience.


Due to the changes in our environment, this year we are offering an online option for banks across the country to engage with their peers and industry leaders – as well as receive all of the great content and presentations provided during this industry event.

Whether attending Acquire or Be Acquired in person or viewing online at – all presentations and supporting content will be made available to participants.  In addition, online attendees are able to engage with all attendees (whether in person or online) and speakers through attendee-to-attendee messaging on
Ensuring production quality standards are met, instead of a Sunday kickoff of Acquire or Be Acquired, online participants receive access to event materials and presentations on Monday, February 1 – Wednesday, February 3.  This also provides an opportunity to meet as a team on specific days and times to watch and engage in the content during committee, executive and/or board meetings.

  • Every General Session presentation at the in-person event will be filmed in Arizona and posted on the following day.
  • Each day Bank Director hosts a virtual “live” Ask The Expert Panel discussion for online participants to engage with industry leaders in real-time.
  • Breakout Sessions are pre-recorded and made available each day for viewing and engagement.  
  • All presentation materials are made available to online participants.
  • Participants are able to engage with presenters in two ways – through our Make A Meeting feature and through Attendee-to-Attendee Messaging.
  • All materials of the Acquire or Be Acquired Conference are available to participants on for one-year following the event.

For more information, please contact our events department directly at or 877-397-7595.