Events : Acquire or Be Acquired Conference

Conference Overview

As business leaders adapt to change — be it economic, environmental or technological — the Acquire or Be Acquired Conference provides bank CEOs, executives and board members with an exclusive opportunity to network with peers from across the country.

While much has changed since we held our 26th annual event at the Arizona Biltmore, certain facets of this annual program remain intact. For instance, we continue to focus on key board level issues, such as understanding short- and long-term risks, evaluating opportunities for transactions and reviewing compensation plans. We draw ideas and inspiration from some of the industry’s most recognizable figures in terms of strategic merger considerations, organic growth initiatives and leading agile organizations. We explore the importance of scale, ability to enhance resources and how high-performing institutions provide superior returns.

But this is no repeat of prior years. Indeed, we developed a program that reflects the unique challenges facing public and private institutions. We provide nuanced breakout sessions for banks of various asset sizes, so all attendees have multiple chances to consider strategies and tactics immediately relevant to their operations, as well as aspirations. We also developed sessions that encourage participants to dive deeper into:

  • Creating Shared Strategic Visions;
  • Buying Assets and Capabilities; and
  • Navigating the Competitive Environment.

In addition, this year’s agenda includes dedicated sessions for those executives responsible for digital strategies and technology partnerships. With many CEOs seeking out new growth models given the global pandemic, we dedicate sessions that board members and executives alike will find valuable when it comes to data, technology integration, digital growth strategies, new core opportunities, advances in artificial intelligence and the user experience.

For more information, please contact our events department directly at or 877-397-7595.