Committees : Lending

Article | August 30th, 2022

3 Ways to Help Businesses Manage Market Uncertainty

Banks could meet commercial clients’ risk management needs and generate new growth opportunities.

By: Tom Loffredio
Article | August 4th, 2022

Using Embedded Finance to Grow Customers, Loans

Embedded lending opens a new world of underwriting possibilities for banks.

By: Jon Fry
Article | July 14th, 2022

How to Find the Right Title Service Provider

Title service providers should be strategic partners who work alongside banks to navigate all market conditions.

By: Caitlin Green
Article | July 13th, 2022

FinXTech’s Need to Know: Construction Lending

Banks have a lot to consider when evaluating construction loans — technology could help automate many of these unique tasks.

By: Erika Bailey, FinXTech research analyst
Article | July 12th, 2022

3 Things Business Customers Want From Their Banks

What makes business customers go out of their way to tell a community banker how happy they are?

By: Brendon DiBella
Article | July 1st, 2022

The Battle for the Small Business Customer

There are several key steps banks can take to attract and retain their valuable small business relationships.

By: Dean Jenkins
Article | June 29th, 2022

Redlining Isn’t Just a Mortgage Loan Problem

Ignoring the risk of redlining is a fair lending violation waiting to happen.

By: Michael Berman
Article | June 8th, 2022

3 Reasons to Add SBA Lending

Financing the nation’s newest businesses is a potentially huge opportunity for community banks.

By: Jim Eider
Article | May 27th, 2022

How to Capitalize on Sustainability Growth

Sustainability will be the growth story of the 21st century; banks can be the fuel that powers that growth.

By: Peter Grant
Article | May 10th, 2022

3 Ways to Drive Radical Efficiency in Business Lending

Community banks should focus on SBA lending, small credits and self-service lending for their greatest return on investment.

By: Dan O'Malley