Performance Surveys

Board & Executive Performance Surveys

Please contact our Bank Services department at 615.777.8461

Assess and Improve the Effectiveness of the Board and Executive Team

Today, many high performing bank boards and executive teams are regularly using evaluation tools to match the talent and experience of their directors and senior leaders with their strategic goals. As part of the membership program, Bank Director is pleased to offer two self evaluation tools - one for your bank’s board and one for your bank’s executive team. Each performance survey is designed to provide an independent review of your team’s effectiveness utilizing confidential surveys of individual directors and executives.

Proactive self-evaluations are an effective way for bank boards and executive teams to identify and implement best practice governance processes and procedures. For more information, please contact our Bank Services department at 615.777.8461 or via email at Bank Services.

Board Performance Survey

Succession Planning M&A
Audit Risk
Compensation Cybersecurity
Committee Performance Individual Director Performance
Chairman Performance CEO Performance

Executive Performance Survey

Bank Leadership & Culture Compliance & Regulatory Challenges
Executive Succession Planning Strategic Planning & Growth
Cybersecurity & Risk Management Technology
Individual Executive Performance Bank Customer Service
Succession Planning Compensation