CEO, Board & Director Programs

Building Strong Boards to Build Strong Banks

Since 1991, Bank Director has consistently supported chairs, CEOs, CFOs, general counsel, presidents and board members of financial institutions nationwide. With this focus, Bank Director created three programs to better serve members of the board, new directors and the CEO to develop strategies to help their bank grow, while demonstrating excellence in corporate governance that shareholders and customers deserve, and today’s regulators demand.  Below is an outline of each of these programs:

An Educational Program for Members of the Board

Bank Director’s annual Bank Services Membership Program combines Bank Director’s extensive online library of director training materials, conferences, our quarterly publication, and access to FinXTech Connect. See details below and click here to Learn More.

Bank Director Online Training Series
Developed by industry experts, Bank Director’s Online Training Video Series and Board Briefs were developed to strengthen the entire board by providing foundational knowledge and the latest information on best practices in all of the critical areas that directors must understand. Learn More.

Bank Director Magazine
As a program member you will receive the Bank Director magazine each quarter. Bank Director has a circulation in excess of 20,000 bank directors and senior officers from FDIC insured financial institutions. No other banking publication reaches as many directors, and what differentiates Bank Director’s publication is how it is edited specifically for financial institutions and board members. View latest issue.

Board & Committee Performance Surveys
Bank Director offers bank boards an independent evaluation of their board’s performance, with the goal of assessing and improving their effectiveness. In addition, bank director also offers a bank executive survey which reviews the skills and training needed to take the executive team to the next level. Learn More.

FinXTech Connect
Built specifically for financial institutions, FinXTech Connect is a curated directory of emerging financial technology companies who are strategically partnering with financial institutions of all sizes. Solutions include lending platforms, payment processing applications, security, data analytics and more! Learn more

Board Structure Guidelines
Built from consultations with three major bank regulators, Bank Director now offers Board Structure Guidelines. The guidelines provide directors with the knowledge to asses and review the overall board and committee structure.  Learn more.

Board Planning Services
With over 26 years of industry knowledge and event presentation experience, Bank Director prides itself on serving board members and the institutions they support. Designed specifically for banks, Bank Director works with your board and/or executive team to develop an agenda, from one hour to a full day, that contributes to your overall planning meeting and/or executive and board retreat. Additional fees apply.

An Executive Program Designed for Today’s Bank CEO
Bank Director’s CEO Executive Program is designed to provide bank CEOs with the tools and resources they need to lead their board and take their bank to the next level. This program focuses on growth, strategy and industry insight, providing exclusive resources designed for today’s bank CEO.  Learn More.

A Certification Program Specifically Designed for Bank Directors

Through comprehensive training in corporate governance and important industry issues, our Director Certification Program distinguishes individual board members as certified bank directors. Completing the course to become a certified bank director shows investors as well as state and federal regulators that the board member takes their fiduciary duties seriously and intends to be a top performing member of the bank’s board. Program requirements include:

Bank Director Online Training Series
Within a year of applying for the Bank Director Certification Program, individuals must complete designated online training courses, including 33 online training videos and board briefs focused on the board, audit & risk, compensation, governance and fiduciary responsibilities. Each course is labeled through Bank Director’s learning management system, and individuals receive credits as courses are completed.
Learn More.

Bank Director Workshop
During the program, participants must complete one of the three Bank Director Workshops offered as part of the Bank Director Certification Program. There are two in person opportunities as well as a virtual learning workshop if your schedule precludes you from traveling. The one day in person workshops are conducted in advance of our Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference held in Chicago in June, and our Bank Board Training Forum held in Nashville in September. The virtual workshop includes online learning materials and a schedule comprising 60 to 90 minute virtual peer exchanges addressing questions and providing instruction on the course curriculum. Learn More.

Governance Resources
As part of this program participants receive access to all of the benefits of our Bank Services Membership Program listed above, which includes Bank Director magazine, exclusive content on, access to our in depth research studies, board structure guidelines, new director onboarding resources, and exclusive access to virtual peer exchanges. Learn More.

To apply for the Bank Director Certification Program, please contact [email protected] or call our bank services department at 615.764.4681 for more information.