Stable Growth Through Reciprocal Deposits

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Kevin Bannerton
EVP, Chief Product Officer

Reciprocal deposits have gained popularity as a way to help banks maximize FDIC insurance by spreading deposits exceeding the $250,000 limit across a network of banks, as Kevin Bannerton, executive vice president and chief product officer at R&T Deposit Solutions, explains in this video. It’s an attractive offering as banks face pressure on net interest margins and regulators have increased scrutiny on liquidity, but banks are limited in how much they can place. 

Topics discussed include: 

  • Why Offer Reciprocal Deposits 
  • Favorably Viewed by Regulators 
  • Cost Effective Funding 

Terms & conditions apply. R&T Deposit Solutions (“R&T”) is not an FDIC insured institution. FDIC insurance only covers the failure of an FDIC insured institution. Certain conditions must be satisfied for FDIC pass-through deposit insurance coverage to apply. R&T’s programs, themselves, as well as R&T’s other services are not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits and may lose value in certain circumstances as described in the program terms. For a list of insured receiving institutions in R&T’s programs, visit  View additional disclosures at


Kevin Bannerton

EVP, Chief Product Officer

Kevin Bannerton is executive vice president and chief product officer at R&T Deposit Solutions.  He is responsible for the strategic direction, development and financial performance of the firm’s product portfolio.  Previously responsible for Total Bank Solutions’ sales, marketing and finance areas, he is instrumental in building the firm’s strategy to provide platform-based technology solutions for banks and wealth managers.


Mr. Bannerton served as managing director and head of the America’s liquidity management business for Deutsche Bank where he oversaw the sales and distribution efforts for the Insured deposit program, money market mutual funds and cash/short duration fixed income separate accounts.  He was also an institutional fixed income product specialist with BlackRock and held senior advisory roles at Merrill Lynch.