What We Do

Information Resource to the Financial Community

Bank Director is committed to providing the most timely and relevant ideas and information to a bank’s CEO, chairman, president, board committee chairs, outside directors and officers of the bank that support these positions.  We do so through Bank Director magazine, BankDirector.com, exclusive conferences, various research reports, a comprehensive membership program and myriad social media channels.

To best support a hugely influential audience, Bank Director:

Publishes Bank Director Magazine

As one of the most widely read and highly respected magazines in the banking and financial services industry, Bank Director magazine focuses on the core issues fundamental to a bank’s CEO, senior leadership team, chairman and independent directors.  Since 1991, we have continuously published a quarterly print version of Bank Director magazine.   

Hosts BankDirector.com

A free online resource, BankDirector.com is a content-rich, digital platform. Designed around the informational needs of senior executives and members of a board, our website complements our publications and conferences by sharing valuable content on strategic and governance issues, executive and director compensation, audit committees, risk management, technology trends, insurance and legal issues and other critical topics facing today’s directors and officers.

Hosts Board-Specific Conferences

We host a variety of conferences, peer exchanges and director-training programs throughout the year designed to increase the effectiveness of directors. Our flagship conference, Acquire or Be Acquired, is widely recognized as the premier M&A event for the financial services industry. Likewise, our annual Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference has become a can’t miss program for CFOs, CROs, general counsel, audit committee chairs and members and risk committee chairs and members. In addition, our Bank Compensation & Talent Conference was designed for a bank’s compensation committee chairs and members, governance committee chairs and members, as well as, human resources officers. Finally, our Experience FinXTech event focuses on opportunities for institutions to grow revenue, deposits, brand, market size and market share through innovation and collaboration.

Produces Annual Research Reports

Throughout the year, we seek the opinions of officers and directors of various-sized institutions on issues like technology, mergers & acquisitions, compensation, risk, growth and strategic planning.  Our reputation for qualified, independent research and analysis coupled with relationships with bankers across the country allows us to compile unparalleled insight and information.

Offers a Comprehensive Membership Program

In response to the mounting pressures placed on the banking community, Bank Director offers an ongoing collection of educational resources to a bank’s board. This membership program combines Bank Director’s conferences, subscriptions to Bank Director magazine, FinXTech Connect, online training videos and a library of exclusive articles.

Engages With Social Media

From private LinkedIn groups that enable peer groups to stay connected in the virtual world to twitter shares that link to current issues and topics that pertain to a bank’s leadership team, our social media efforts line up with our publication philosophy of contributing content and commentary to the men and women leading our nation’s financial institutions.

For more information and to request a media kit, please contact our client relations manager.