Boardroom Forum on Lending

Boardroom Forum on Lending

Boardroom Forum on Lending

December 4, 2012
NASDAQ MarketSite®
New York City, NY

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Exploring Opportunities and Risks In Today’s Lending Environment

For 20 years, Bank Director has supported CEOs, senior management and members of the board of financial institutions as they develop strategies for building and running their companies.  With so many banks placing renewed emphasis on organic growth, it comes as no surprise that the greatest concern for most bank boards today remains the tremendous challenge of growing good loans.  In conjunction with NASDAQ OMX®, Bank Director hosted its second annual Boardroom Forum on Lending.

Industry leaders assembled at the forum to examine the board’s role in lending.  While no industry has gone unpunished in the last few years, banks have been particularly hard hit, with loan growth lagging many expectations.  From the recent sell off in public bank equities to heightened regulatory scrutiny, limited merger partners to far-less loyal customer bases, a bank's board has numerous issues with which to deal.  One major concern is growing good loans in today's tumultuous economy.  

Consequently, one must ask:
-  What is the bank's board's role in lending and risk management, especially at a time when   financial institutions have placed renewed emphasis on organic growth?
-  How can the bank's board manage risk if there is a change in lending strategy?

-  What can be done to grow organically in a tough environment to find creditworthy borrowers?