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FDIC-Assisted Bank Deals - Atlanta 2011

Beyond Just FDIC-Assisted Bank Deals:  What's Next?

Growing Your Balance Sheet

September 26, 2011
The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead 
Atlanta GA 

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Conference Overview

The mess in banking isn’t over yet.  That means hundreds of banks, most of them small, community organizations, will likely fail in the years to come.  In fact, the FDIC’s “problem” bank list appears to be growing.  It reached a record high for this cycle of 884 banks at the end of last year, more than 10% of the total banking system.  That number was up from 860 the quarter before.  The flip side of all that carnage is an opportunity for bankers to buy troubled institutions, grow balance sheets during tough economic times, and let the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. take most of the bad assets of the failed bank.

FDIC-assisted bank transactions continue to attract strategic acquires, and the bidding process remains competitive.  Respected bank advisers, as well as experienced bankers who have completed FDIC-assisted bank transactions, provided invaluable insight into the preparation, structuring, bidding and negotiation of an FDIC-assisted bank transaction, as well as everything you would need to know should you be successful in landing a bid.

Topics for the Day Included:

  • Overview of the Banking Industry
  • The Bid Process Timeline
  • The Building of a Bank
  • Post-Deal Integration Challanges
  • The Changing Regulatory Relationship
  • How to Assemble the Right Team
  • Asset Resolution
  • Loss-Share Compliance

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