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An Educational Program for Members of the Board


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Strong boards mean strong banks.

In response to the mounting pressures placed on the banking community, Bank Director has created a board education program called DirectorCorps. This affordable program combines Bank Director’s conferences, our quarterly publication, director training videos and our online library of white papers.  It's not a one-time learning opportunity, but rather an ongoing collection of resources in-person, in-print and online.

By joining DirectorCorps, members receive:

  • Subscriptions to Bank Director Magazine
  • Passes to Attend Multiple Bank Director Events
  • Exclusive Access to an Online Training Video Series 
  • Access to an Extensive Online Library of Articles, White Papers, and Videos
  • Plus Optional Use of the Board Self-Evaluation Tool

Active participation in this program is sure to send a strong signal to your regulators that you are committed to a "strong board, strong bank" philosophy and that your board has the knowledge to exceed governance expectations.

If you would like additional information on our DirectorCorps program, please download our brochure or contact Bank Services at 615-777-8461.