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Board Performance Survey

Bank Director offers a program for evaluating the board’s performance.

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Access and Improve the Effectiveness of the Board

Bank Director is now providing an effective and detailed bank board evaluation program. Our Board Performance Survey is an assessment process that provides an independent review of board effectiveness utilizing confidential surveys of individual directors and focused interviews with key directors and executive officers. A written report to the board of directors includes tabulations of survey data, summaries of interview findings and pertinent recommendations encompassing best practices of banks comparable in size and structure.

Board Performance Services is provided in these four phases:

  • Information Gathering
  • Survey Administration
  • On-site Interviews
  • Report Preparation and Presentation

In times of financial industry turmoil, bank directors face increasing scrutiny of the board’s performance from regulators and shareholders alike.  In such an environment, pro-active self-evaluation as provided by the Board Performance Services program is an effective way for a board to identify and implement best practice governance processes and procedures.

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